Ministry of Lector

Readers of the Word

Our lectors proclaim the Word at Mass and at parish liturgical gatherings.


Contact: Heather Fagan @ 8426457, Sacristy @ 8420346.

Ministers of the Eucharist

The Ministers of the Eucharist assist with distributing Holy Communion at Mass and also bring the Blessed Sacrament to the sick and the housebound.


Contact: Charlie and Mary Carolan @ 8422832, Sacristy @ 8420346.

Meals On Wheels

Prepared Meals delivered to residents at home and in Hampstead Court Centre on 4 days each week (Tuesday - Friday).


Contacts: Mary Nolan @ 837 4369, Veronica Vaughan @ 837 2633.

Lourdes Pilgimage Group

The group organizes the parish pilgrimage with our Glasnevin Grouping to Lourdes each year, which usually takes place in June.