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New newsletter format and opportunity for advertisement.


Following a decision by the PPC and other concerned parties it has been decided to produce our monthly newsletter, which is delivered to homes in the parish, in a new updated and colour format.  Liturgical Publications of Ireland (LPi) will be our new Newsletter publisher.  They will send Christine Daly, their Newsletter representative to visit our Church within the next few weeks in connection with the advertising element of the newsletter.

For those interested in placing an ad, this is your opportunity.


Our Newsletter is the primary way we use to communicate with our parishioners.  Through our arrangement with LPi the Church does not have to pay for the newsletter printing, which saves us money.   Our new Newsletter will be supported through the generosity of the advertisers—many of whom may be our own Church parishioners or members of our local community.

A strong and vibrant Newsletter is good for our community and a strong business community is good for our Church.

To obtain information about advertising for the new publication year, please call Christine Daly directly at (086) 813 7924 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Keep in mind; our advertising sponsors will make the Newsletter possible.