Ethiopian Visitors

 Welcome to Ethiopian families and priests

We hosted the welcome Mass for the Ethiopian families that the Glasnevin Grouping sponsored as part of our World Meeting of the Families on Sunday 19th August. There were refreshments afterwards and it was great to see so many people here to welcome the families. There was a series of events organised (see updates) during the week. It was a very positive experience for all involved. An Ethiopian Mass was held on Friday in Our Lady of Dolours and it was celebrated by a number of Ethiopian priests including Fr Sintayheu of course.  While the Ethiopian rite differs from our Latin rite, Fr Richard explained that it is one of the oldest Catholic rites and it was very moving.

Afterwards a ceili which also included Ethiopian dancing was held and we were all  treated to a great party in Our Lady of Dolours parish centre,

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August 2018 revised update (See change to Tuesday 21st August - now Ethiopian visitors attending RDS ceremony instead of local parish events

July 2018 update

One of the Ethiopian families was hosted in our Parish and we know some families hosted other WMOF visitors. We are very thankful to our parishioners for opening their homes and hearts to the pilgrims.

Ethiopin Vistors with Elsa R