OLV Gospel Choir Musical Night

Voices of Hope: Friday 15th May at 8 pm in Our Lady of Victories Church.

The OLV Young Adult Gospel Choir and Group Music and Inspiration night on the 15th May was very well received by all who were present.

The blend of uplifting and inspirational songs and reflections really did impart a great sense of hope and joy. Great credit to all involved.



Poster concert



Meaning of Marriage Newsletters

Copies of the latest newsletter on the Meaning of Marriage have been placed around the Church.

If you wish to see online please click on link below

Issue 8

Issue 7

Issue 6

Issue 5

Issue 4 Newsletter Meaning of Marriage


Parish Pastoral Council: Update

The Parish Pastoral Council has been working away steadily for the past few months, formulating a pastoral plan for the coming year. We have decided to hone in on particular areas that would make the parish as inclusive as possible. Chief among these are

1) Good Liturgy;

2) Hospitality/sense of welcome;

3) Maximum involvement of people.

There are a variety of ways that we are exploring how to make this a reality. For example, a “Welcome Pack” is being put together for new parishioners, to let them know the variety of services that are available in and around the parish.

Carrying on from the success of the Thursday morning “cuppa”, we have decided to also provide this service on the first Sunday of every month, following the 10.30 mass. Part of this initiative is to begin a “meet & greet” ministry at mass, as is already established by the Young Adult group at the 6.30.

We are recruiting new altar servers, ministers of the Eucharist, etc, so as to involve more people in the parish. We also hope to develop the 12.00 Sunday mass into a proper “Family Liturgy” that will involve more families and children.

We are looking to recruit area representatives to help us with more localised knowledge for a particular road or area. This will help greatly for distribution of welcome packs, etc, when new people move in and will make the parish less impersonal. It will also help with the organisation of area masses (like the old “station masses”), which we hope to run throughout lent next year. Through such initiatives, we can keep check on the welfare of older or more vulnerable parishioners.  In addition, programmes, both liturgical and educational, are being put in place for advent, lent and other key times of the year.

As was reported in the news, the Archbishop has announced a change in the Deanery structure in terns of meetings. Heretofore, the Deanery meeting was limited to clergy, who met four times a year. The meetings will now have one member from each PPC in the Deanery, as well as parish sisters, pastoral workers, etc. It will of course mean a whole new structure to the meetings.

So, all in all, we are kept very busy and would welcome any further suggestions from the wider parish community.


Archbishop's Addresses

All talks/addresses by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin are available here.