Father Colm

Fr Colm Kenny: Reflections of a Friend

Almost two months have passed now since my friend Colm died. Even as I type the words I am still finding it hard to believe.  My friend Colm is dead. How could it be true? He was larger than life, full of strength and confidence, the one I turned to when I needed help or advice. How can he not be there anymore?

At his funeral in December the Archbishop spoke about the side of Colm that was not immediately obvious. He was certainly a straight talker and a strong and passionate preacher, but there was a very sensitive side to him as well, along with great kindness and generosity.

For you, the people of Our Lady of Victories parish, Colm's death has meant you have lost a priest and pastor who was deeply committed to his ministry and who drew great life and strength from your support and encouragement. I know that great numbers of you have benefitted from his ministry, particularly in times of bereavement and I know that you will miss him greatly, as will his family and his friends.

Colm and I have been friends for more than thirty five years, when we started together in the seminary. We shared a house together in the early days, both of us on our first appointments as school chaplains - he in Donaghmede and me in Coolock.  We had some great times; we shared a lot and learned a lot - about life, about priesthood, about people and about ministry. In 30 years of priesthood you come across some difficult situations, supporting people in times of bereavement, loss and tragedy. We helped each other through those times, while giving what help and support we could to the people we were serving. I learned a lot from Colm’s way of building strong connections with people and maintaining close and loyal friendships with them.

We went on holidays together every year, usually a group of three or four of us but sometimes just Colm and myself. I have great memories of driving around England and Scotland with him; he always drove while I was the map reader and navigator. We had a very memorable holiday in Canada some years ago, travelling by train through the most beautiful countryside. Italy was a favourite place that we went to again and again. Having studied in Rome, he had excellent Italian and was a great guide and a great organiser. He was particularly good at finding the best restaurants with authentic Italian cooking! We spent many an evening sitting at tables sorting out the problems of the world.

Our most recent trip to Rome was last October, just six weeks before he died. We had no idea then that there was anything
wrong. He was feeling a bit tired but otherwise was in good form and so the news of his illness and then of his rapid decline was an enormous shock. It all happened so quickly. There was no time to prepare, no time for proper goodbyes, no chance to express appreciation to him for his friendship and kindness, his generosity and his understanding.

And maybe if I had the time I wouldn't have had the words to say it anyway so I'll say it here instead. Thank you, Colm, for being my friend. Thank you for all that you were and for all that you gave and for all the great memories you have left behind. We still meet as a group of friends and you are always a big part of the conversation. Just a few days ago a group of us met to celebrate your birthday. It might seem strange to celebrate your birthday without you being there – but sometimes it feels as if you haven’t really left us at all.

Colm, may you rest in peace.

Fr Donal Roche (Adm. Wicklow and Adm Kilbride and Barndarrig)

(Classmate of Fr Colm’s)

January 2017

Laudate Festival 2017

laudate 2x

Laudate Festival 2017 

A wonderful night was held here in the Church on Tuesday 31st January when the very first Laudate concert initiative took place.

It brought together 10 Primary schools choirs including our own OLV boys and girls schools, under the musical direction of Caroline Cutliffe and with music performed by Ephrem Feeley and Ciaran Coll.

laudate 1xx

OLV school 1

Evening Exposition

As we meet to recommence the Evening Prayer service in our Church, we recalled how Pope Francis spends an hour before the Blessed Sacrament each evening.

In a recent interview Pope Francis explained how his favourite time of day is the time he spends in quiet Adoration

between 7:00—8:00 pm.                                                               

 Could we in Our Lady of Victories Parish coordinate our exposition and adoration with Pope Francis?

Come join us from 7:15 –7:45 pm.

This prayer service also enables us to keep the church open throughout the day as a place of welcome and refuge from the busy life that can sometimes overtake us.

Evening Exposition services are generally  held Monday through to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, First Fridays and Vigils of Holydays etc.

 Note: There will be no evening exposition on Monday 23rd April 2018 due to the Ceremony of Light taking place.









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