Gospel Rising Music Festival

This is a weekend when all the gospel choirs and gospel music enthusiasts from Dublin and around Ireland will come together to enjoy gospel choir music and participate in singing workshops and concerts over the whole weekend

It is a great opportunity for the North East Inner City area to host the festival this year with our different venues opening their doors for gospel choir music workshops and concerts all around the area.

There are over 20 gospel choirs active in the Dublin City area, and on top of that there are so many similar community choirs, work place choirs and artists in our area, it’s great to have the opportunity for everyone interested in singing to experience this genre of music in such an accessible format of a music festival, right in the heart of the city.

The festival gala concert is on the Saturday night of the festival, the 18th May, where 5 gospel choirs will get up on stage in Gardiner St Church, to perform their style of gospel music, this will be the chance to see Discovery Gospel Choir, Gardiner St Gospel Choir, Bray Gospel Choir and others all perform under one roof with an amazing night of entertainment.

Tickets for this concert and the workshops are available on their website gospelrising.com.

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