The Holy Sacrament of
First Eucharist

Thank you for visiting our website, For those preparing for First Communion please continue to engage with the parish programme and also the work that the teachers are doing in school and in the religion classes.

As with last year, the parish will provide the safest and most meaningful ceremonies for these important events in your children’s lives. They will be celebrated in a similar fashion in that there will be limited numbers in the Church which we expect to be the case right into the early part of next year. So don’t lose hope, these ceremonies will happen and we will keep you informed of any developments by email.

First Eucharist in Our Lady of Victories is an occasion to celebrate for the entire parish community. Our parish community prepares for the celebration of the First Eucharist through a programme called Do This In Memory. Put together by parents and catechists, it started in Ireland in 2004 and has grown stronger every year.

Date Theme
22/09/2019 Enrollment Ceremony
24/11/2019 Christ the King
22/12/2019 Combined Mass with the pre-Communion and pre-Confirmation children including the blessing of the Infant Jesus from the home cribs
12/01/2020 Combined Mass with the pre-Communion and pre-Confirmation children, focussing on our Baptism
05/04/2020 Palm Sunday
07/06/2020 First Communion
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