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If you have a wedding booked for our church and have not already been in touch with us, please ring us at (01) 842 0346 or email us at to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

Fr. Frank

But I, being poor have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage is a wonderful occasion for a couple, their families, friends and the wider Christian community who gather to witness this public declaration of love and commitment.

Now that you have decided to get married we would like to help you as much as we possibly can.

Before you begin we would like to point out that because of the very large volume of work in our parish it is not possible to celebrate a wedding ceremony for a couple who live outside of the parish. All couples are encouraged to get married in their own parish church. However we do make exceptions for someone who is actively involved in our parish as a volunteer.

Also to please note that in order to facilitate staff time off, we do not celebrate weddings on any Friday.

Preparation Documentation

A booking for a wedding cannot be confirmed (the date will be held provisionally) until it is established that both parties are free to marry. This is done by completing the first part of a pre-nuptial enquiry form. Make contact with the priest in the parish where you presently live who will help you with this. If you reside in this parish we will meet with you.

Documents Required

  • A recently issued Baptismal Certificate (Make sure that it is for marriage purposes)
  • A recently issued Confirmation Certificate (If it is not included in the Baptismal Certificate)
  • A Statement concerning the Freedom to Marry’ is also required. Your priest can also help with this.

For couples living outside the parish that we have agreed to facilitate, we ask that you bring your own priest to celebrate your wedding. We ask that this is confirmed in writing when returning your booking form. It is important to ensure that he is registered as a Solemniser. It is the responsibility of the priest who needs to contact the Chancellery.

Requirements for Civil Registration

When the couple have chosen the date, church and priest for their marriage (and confirmed these matters with the relevant priest or priests), they will then need to make an appointment to meet with any civil registrar in person to give notice of their intention to marry. You must give both the Church and the State a minimum of 3 months’ notice. For more information contact

Pre-Marriage Course

All couples are required to complete a Pre-Marriage Course. The one we encourage is provided by Accord:

ACCORD Dublin – Courses for August

Please note while we had to cancel many planned pre-marriage courses due to Covid-19, we continued to look after couples affected, either by rescheduling or by offering private courses via Zoom.
Our “regular” courses are recommencing on 21/22 August – although with reduced numbers to allow for social distancing, and with the usual Covid-19 mitigation measures.

Our courses are available for booking at; any couple unable to find a suitable course can contact us at

Church Offering

The offering for the church is €500.00. This covers the expenses involved; heating lighting etc. It also includes a stipend for the priest and the sacristan. It does not include any offering you may wish to give to the visiting priest if applicable. This offering is to be finalised when making your booking.


Music is very important especially the choice of music. With this in mind we ask that your choice of music reflects the setting and ethos. The music should be appropriate to the occasion. A list of singers/musicians are printed below.

Prayer for a Newly Engaged Couple

Loving Father, we come to you giving you our grateful thanks that you brought us together, in love.
Keep us united in love to each other and to you, and help us to keep you in our hearts and in our lives.
You are the God of love and we thank you Lord, for this gift of love that we share.
Be with us Lord as we grow closer together and as we make our plans for the future.
We ask that you guide us and direct us in all our decisions.
Unite us in love and peace.
Guard us and guide us and just as you Lord poured out a special blessing on the young couple in Cana of Galilee, we pray that you would bless our union – bless our engagement – bless us Lord from this day forward and for evermore.


Once again we wish you all the best for both your wedding day and future lives together.

Useful Numbers & Resources

For a full selection of Readings/Prayers for your wedding log on to:
It also includes suggestions for music.
Click below to see contact information

Deirdre Comer: (087) 225 0980
Ephrem Feely: (086) 731 1828
Marianne Nolan: (086) 237 2639
Niall Barrett: (085) 152 9107

Ciara Murphy (Piano): (085) 158 0742

Linda O’ Sullivan: (01) 842 0346

Giovanna Feeley: (086) 812 5976
Alex Rickard: (087) 950 9494

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